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Love Handles - A Natural Regimen for Losing Belly Fat

Everyone desires a healthy body. Likewise, a sculpted body with well-toned muscles is desirous because of its overall appearance. Also, a well-sculpted body is generally regarded as a manifestation of optimal metabolism. However, people tend to gain excess weight due to their diet and sedentary lifestyle. Weight gain usually manifests as excess fat deposited underneath the skin in areas around the lower belly (or midsection), thighs, arms, and hips. Deposition of fat around the midsection distorts the shape of the body, and sometimes wraps around the hip region thus forming the undesirable love handles. We will focus on love handles, their causes, and how you can lose love handles fast.
Love handles are therefore a manifestation of obesity. Accordingly, the process of losing love handles requires you to get rid of the modifiable causes of obesity. The causes of obesity can be broadly categorized into two: modifiable and non-modifiable. Modifiable causes include an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and eating disorders, mainly bulimia and binge eating disroders. Unmodifiable causes include genetic predisposition to obesity as manifested in people affected with Prader-Willi syndrome, Cohen Syndrome and Bardet–Biedl syndrome. Since obesity due to non-modifiable causes is characterized by a plethora of syndromes, experts have decided that obesity due to modifiable causes should be described as non-syndromic obesity. Love handles are therefore a manifestation of non-syndromic obesity, and this also means that one can lose the excess fat naturally, without resorting to invasive surgical interventions such as liposuction.
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It is appropriate for you to understand what are the immediate causes of love handles so that you can tailor your weight loss program appropriately. Love handles are caused by accumulation of fat in the lower belly region or midsection. There are two types of fats in this region: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.
Visceral fat is the fat found around abdominal organs including pancreas, liver, intestines, and kidneys (which is surrounded by the peri-renal fat). Subcutaneous fat is the fat stored underneath the skin – in the adipose tissue. Love handles are caused primarily by subcutaenous fat.
Poignantly, popular misconception has led people to believe that they only need to focus on losing the subcutaneous fat in order for them to tone the stomach and eliminate the love handles. This is not quite true as visceral fat is known to cause persistent metabolic derangements, which can hamper the process of trimming the body of its excess fat. Visceral fat is currently designated as one of the active endocrine organs because it produces inflammatory molecules and hormones that interfere with metabolism. Therefore, leaning the visceral fat should be part of the program for getting rid of love handles.
How to lose love handles fast
The program for losing love handles is tailored towards reducing both visceral and subcutaneous fat, and it will allow you to achieve a well-toned tummy. The program described hereafter incorporates three main elements; diet control, exercises, and progress appraisal. Diet control allows you to avoid fat-rich meals, while exercises enable you to burn the excess fat already present. You will also need to monitor the progress you have made in reducing your belly fat after starting to exercise and eating a healthy diet.
Foods that Reduce Belly Fat
Diet control aims to ensure that you eat protein-rich foods, as well as high-fiber diets; while concurrently reducing the amount of calories you get from sugary foods or fatty meals. The foods described below serve to aid digestion, redistribute fat, lower blood sugar, reduce blood cholesterol levels, as well as lower the blood pressure. Elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels, alongside high blood pressure and abdominal obesity are defining features of metabolic syndrome – a condition associated with increased risk of one developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the foods described hereafter not only reduce belly fat, but they also improve the metabolic status of the body.
            1. Avoid Fad Diets
You can achieve instant results with extreme dieting, but this is impractical in the long-term as many people are unable to maintain their fad diet for over two weeks. Also, fad dieting can lead to cachexia, a general wasting of the body. Cachexia results from the body using more energy than it receives from the diet, and this is associated with breakdown of energy stores, fat cells, and even muscle cells during metabolism so that sufficient energy can be produced to power the body.
            2. Eat healthy foods
It is also prudent for you to stop consuming too much processed food. Likewise, you can skip some meals, and modify your lifestyle a bit, for instance by having a walk everyday. Also, you need to limit your caloric intake by eating a healthy and well-balanced diets. The following foods will also help you tone your tummy. Reducing your caloric intake is aimed at preventing your body from producing more fat - through the process of lipogenesis -  which will ultimately be deposited around visceral organs and underneath the skin in the adipose tissues.
(a) Eggs
Eggs are rich in proteins, and also contain vitamins, healthy fats, and important minerals such as calcium. Eggs will therefore provide you with energy. They also improve your metabolism, as well as makes you feel full for a considerable period of time, and this reduces prevents you from eating a lot of food. This ultimately reduces your caloric intake. Nonetheless, you must eggs in moderation, five eggs per week is fine.
                         (b) Spinach
Spinach are rich in proteins and fiber. Also, like eggs, they alleviate cravings for food. Likewise, spinach contains a micromanagement called thylakoid which slows down the digestion of food, as well as promotes metabolism of visceral fat. Slowed digestion allows you to feel full for longer, and this reduces your cravings and hunger pangs. Ultimately, you will reduce your caloric intake. Spinach also reduces the instances of stomach bloating. It is recommended that you eat spinach in at least one of your daily meals, preferably dinner.
                        (c) Avocados
Avocados are rich in healthy mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, which are beneficial to your normal body physiology. They are also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The fibers promote peristalsis, which ensures that food moves smoothly through your digestive tract, thereby preventing constipation. Avocados also help stabilize your blood sugar levels by preventing post-pradial spikes. This reduces the amount of sugar available for storage as fat, which is usually deposited around visceral organs. Therefore, avocados prevents the accumulation of visceral fat. Nonetheless, you should eat them in moderation, for instance, eating an avocado with each meal is enough. Also, you can add an avocado to a smoothie.
                        (d) Whole Grains
Unprocessed whole grains have high fiber content. They are also filled with essential nutrients, including iron, magnesium and selenium; and vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. These essential nutrients and vitamins help stabilize blood sugar concentrations as well as prevent certain types of cancers. Whole grains also aid digestion, promote fat redistribution, lower cholesterol, and also reduce blood sugar. Eating a whole grain meal at least thrice per week is fine.
                        (e) Blueberries
Blueberries are rich in fibers, antioxidants, and vitamins. Antioxidants help the body get rid of free radicals. Accumulation of free radicals is associated with tumor development, aging, and impaired metabolism. Blueberries also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as well as improve glucose metabolism. Moreover, the content of blueberries is about 80% water, and this means that they have few calories. Eating blueberries not only reduces your caloric intake while making you feel full, but it also reduces belly fat by preventing the body from producing excessive amounts of fats. Blueberries can be eaten alongside your oatmeal or yoghurt, or as part of your keto diet. You can also eat them as part of your fruit meal.
                        (f) Oatmeal
Oatmeal is a whole grain that has a low glycemic index, and this means that it is easily digested by the body. It also contain a unique compound, beta-glucagon, which allows it  act as a sponge in your stomach where it absorbs water and makes you feel full. Moreover, it also improves your mood. It also lowers the cholesterol level, and this serves to reduce blood pressure as well as lower the risk of you developing type 2 diabetes.
                        (g) Almonds
Almonds are rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. It is recommended that you eat almonds everyday.
                        (h) Beans
Beans are rich in proteins and fibers. They are also low in calories. Beans help reduce belly fat by improving metabolism, promoting energy expenditure, and increasing fat oxidation, which breaks down fat stored in your body. You can always add beans to your meatless diet.
                        (i) Lemon Water and Green Tea
They both serve to stimulate your digestive system as well as reduce bloating, thereby promoting food digestion. They also promote fat oxidation. They are also low in calories; and either of them can be taken everyday as part of the breakfast meal. Moreover, they help to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
            3. Limiting Caloric Intake
The aforementioned food types are low in calories. You can also limit your caloric intake by calculating the amounts of calories consumed daily. This can be done by reading the caloric value of your foods as presented in their food labels. You can also keep a food journal, which will guide you on the amount of calories that you need to consume each day. Moreover, you can use calorie counters and calculators to keep track of the amounts of calories you have consumed. The goal is to lose your weight rapidly, and thereafter reduce your caloric intake, preferably by reducing the amount of calories consumed by 600 calories daily. This will allow to lose at least 1.5 pounds each week if your diet regimen is coupled with a regular exercise program.
Regular Exercises
Physical exercises do promote your metabolism, as well as accelerate the process of fat burning. Improved metabolism and accelerated fat oxidation allows your body to burn out excess subcutaneous fat. The best types of physical exercises for trimming the belly fat are described below:
1.                  Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle crunches exercise your abdominal muscles, and if performed properly, will help tone your abdomen. They also help improve the tone of your hip muscles.
2.                  Russian Twists
The aim of Russian twists is to strengthen your abdominal muscles. They also help trim your lower abdomen, and this allows you to eliminate your love handles.
3.                  Side planks
Side planks exercise the entire core, that is, your torso. They not only strengthen your core, but they also improve the tone of your abdominal muscles, besides helping you achieve a well-toned abdomen.
4.                  Total-body toning
Total-body toning allows you achieve a sculpted body that is silhouetted by lean well-toned muscles. Yoga exercises, as well as pilates, will help you tone your entire body. You can enroll into a yoga program, or you can use instructional yoga videos to guide your yoga exercises.
            5. Aerobic exercises
Aerobic exercises improve your cardiovascular health as well as accelerates the process of burning calories. This will help you reduce your body fat, and also improve your general health.
Tracking Progress
Keeping a track of the progress you have made in reducing your belly fat not only helps to keep you motivated, but it also allows you to determine whether you have achieved the goals you had set for yourself. You can track your progress in the following ways:
            1. Measurements
You can measure your waist circumference regularly, and compared your current readings with your previous measurements. If your waist circumference is reducing each week, then you should know that you are gradually losing your belly fat.
You can also keep a track of your weight. If your weight decreases each week, concurrently with your waist circumference, then for sure you are losing your belly fat; and you are in right path towards losing your love handles.
            2. Food Journal
A food journal allows you to keep a track of the foods that you consume. This allows you to detect instances where you ate more calories than needed. ,Moreover, the food journal will also help you organize your diet schedule.
            3. Exercise Buddy
Your exercise buddy will be a source of inspiration, and will also help you determine whether you are losing your belly fat in the appropriate manner, and according to your schedule. It is therefore important for you to find an exercise buddy.

The principal cause of love handles is excess accumulation of subcutaneous fat around the lower abdominal region. The program for losing love handles is tailored towards reducing both visceral and subcutaneous fat, which will allow you to achieve a well-toned abdomen. The program incorporates three main elements; diet control, exercises, and progress appraisal. Diet control aims to reduce caloric intake, as well as ensuring that you eat healthy, well-balanced diet. Physical exercises do promote your metabolism, as well as accelerate the process of fat burning. Tracking progress keeps you motivated as well as allows you to gauge the value of your achievements so far.

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